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Environmental Management Program

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is committed to continual improvement of its Environmental Management Program (EMP). The MDA integrates environmental requirements into systems engineering processes and long-term planning to minimize the lifecycle environmental impacts of the Missile Defense System (MDS).

The MDA EMP manages compliance, conservation, sustainability and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) programs.

Environmental Policy

It is MDA’s policy to:

- Manage environmental aspects of the MDA’s daily operations and activities.

- Comply with statutory and regulatory environmental requirements.

- Pursue pollution prevention as the preferred means of meeting environmental requirements.

- Establish and update environmental objectives.

- Use “green” procurement and technologies where practical.

- Conserve and sustain cultural and natural resources.

- Complete NEPA analyses before proceeding with proposed actions (Learn more about the NEPA process and How the MDA implements NEPA).

- Ensure real property acquisition projects meet sustainability requirements.

- Provide environmental awareness and training to MDA personnel.

- Recognize and reward outstanding environmental stewardship.

Environmental Management Division

The MDA Environmental Management Division (MDA/MSR-Env) manages compliance, conservation, sustainability and NEPA programs. We also provide environmental technical assistance and advice to MDA Program Managers, host installations and interagency partners.

Our team includes subject matter experts in various fields and specialties related to environmental operations. This includes regulatory compliance, planning, waste management, prevention of pollution and environmental assessments.


If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about environmental management at the MDA, please feel free to contact us at EnvGrp@mda.mil.