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Learning Opportunities to Keep You at the Top of Your Talent

MDA encourages all personnel to participate in continuous learning to develop skills and broaden career perspectives. For that purpose, we provide:

  • Classes and conferences
  • Online courses
  • Onsite seminars with experts
  • Professional certifications

It is part of our organizational priority to invest in advancement through learning and development of MDA’s workforce. Our learning program has evolved to include both the Employee Development Center (EDC) and a Learning Management System (LMS) for classroom and online competency-based training that are driven by individual skills assessments.

The Employee Development Center provides ongoing learning opportunities for employees. This educational program helps ensure MDA employees acquire the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to improve job performance, increase the ability to contribute to the mission, and earn additional pay. By continually developing employees' capabilities, we help the MDA meet or exceed current and emerging agency goals. EDC courses include Orientation, Professional, Technical, and Leadership topics.

Modules within the Learning Management System include electronic registration and tracking, career guides, and individual development plans. Both EDC and LMS staff welcome suggestions to meet employee learning needs at all career stages.

In support of its goal to foster a supportive environment for a diverse and professional workforce, MDA maintains robust tuition assistance and professional certification programs, allowing employees to further their professional credentials.