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The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is looking for a wide range of Missile Defense Career Development Program (MDCDP) participants in vital positions at various geographic locations across the agency. The program gives participants a wide-scope look at different internal organizations across MDA. This fully paid, three-year program enables you to experience the variety of challenges we take on every day.

MDCDP participants typically start at the General Schedule (GS-7) level (GPA of 3.0 or higher) with promotion potential. An advanced educational degree could mean you are able to start at the GS-9 level. Advancement in the entry-level career ladder program is commensurate with positive performance.

MDA hires college graduates and those about to graduate college into the Missile Defense Career Development Program (MDCDP). By working for MDA, you will help to protect our nation, deployed forces, allies, and friends worldwide.

Our next endeavor to find tomorrow’s MDA employees will blaze a path to colleges and universities around the country as part of our MDCDP Recruitment Blitz. Check in late summer of 2020 to see which colleges we will be visiting for the next MDCDP Recruitment Blitz!