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Work/Life Balance

Federal Personnel Flexibilities & ProgramsThe Missile Defense Agency makes every effort to elevate the quality of your workday and make it as satisfying as possible. We also believe in balancing work with personal obligations. To make these happen, we offer a range of federal personnel flexibilities and programs that support employees' physical and emotional well-being. Some examples of these work/life balance programs include:


The flexibility to balance onsite work with an off-site schedule in various locations either full-time or part-time, upon approval from your supervisor and the Director for Human Resources.

Flexible Hours

Your schedule can include hours that fall outside of the normal 8 a.m. - 5 p.m workday, if your supervisor approves.


Each employee receives 11 paid holidays each year and earns four hours of sick leave every two weeks and, depending on length of service, between 13 - 26 days of annual leave. Employees also may receive compensatory time when traveling for official business. Employees have the opportunity to donate a portion of their annual leave to another employee during personal emergencies or to take care of family responsibilities.

Our total compensation package, including excellent salary and comprehensive benefits, will enable you to experience life the way it is meant to be. A career with MDA can enhance your quality of life by offering a manageable work schedule in locations that free you from the stress of an hours-long commute or sky-high living expenses.